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Property Management

With many commercial properties (office, retail store, restaurant/bar, and medical facilities) and over 100 years of experience, WICO manages the largest commercial property in the U.S. Virgin Islands. WICO offers the best service with the most experienced staff.

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Along with excellent customer service, WICO offers:

  • Tenant Screening
    WICO has a strict tenant screening process. WICO reviews a prospective tenant's credit history for credit worthiness, verifies current employment, rental history and thoroughly screens for past evictions. WICO can perform criminal background checks; bad check searches; driver's license verification searches as well as verbal verification of references, including current and past rental history; present employment, and banking references. Our motto is "Be Vigilant or Be Sorry" when it comes to tenant placement.
  • Experience Matters
    As WICO has done for over 100 years, we will maintain and keep your rental property in good condition. Keeping a quality tenant involves providing great customer service and making sure your property is in its best possible condition at all times. Once we have a great tenant in place, our next goal is to keep your tenant for as long as possible. WICO understands that a great tenant is your #1 long term economic assets. Keeping good tenants happy and satisfied is our priority.
  • Finances
    WICO can track income and expenses and prepare monthly and annual reports. We can pay our owners promptly through direct ACH deposit which allows you to receive your funds as quickly as possible.
  • Rental Collection
    Our rent collection policy is tough, but fair. We aggressively collect monthly rental payments and are not afraid to pursue tenants for non-payment and to protect you and your property.
  • Complies with all laws
    WICO complies with all federal, state, and local laws. WICO takes the landlord/tenant laws very seriously and are constantly monitoring the laws that govern your rental property.

For more information, please contact:

Anthony A. Ottley
(340) 774-1780 Ext. 2203