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Billing Services

Billing Services for Ports

Most businesses struggle with the stress of billing requirements. Payers refuse to meet obligations, bills get misplaced, and missing revenue can strain any company’s finances. When it comes to keeping your billing accounts up-to-date and making sure that payment obligations have been met, it can be overwhelming to manage your entire billing program in-house unless you’ve invested in innovative technology.  The WICO has the expertise and procedures in place to manage the billing services for all ports. We offer innovative and efficient ways for their ports to keep their accounts current and improve your customer service.  The WICO has an online billing system that is an all-in-one billing management portal that compliments a suite of billing services.

Billing Services

Features of WICO’s Billing Services

The WICO offers more than printing and mailing of their company’s statements or invoices. We will use a suite of services and technology that will allow The WICO to streamline your billing program and offers the following features and more:

  • Real-Time Payment Reporting
    Prospective clients’ billing department has online access in real-time to payment information from all channels, including lockbox, mailed payments, over the phone payments, and online bill pay.
  • Improved Customer Relations
    Real-time account information and 12-month payment history is available online to both your customers and your customer service team. Easy-to-access and reliable information enhances and improves customer relations.
  • Current Technology
    The WICO is dedicated to providing our existing and potential clients with the most current and innovative billing technology that includes regular backup, assessment, upgrades, and easy system integrations. Additionally, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of security and confidentiality with all data that passes through our facility.
  • Monthly Accountability
    The WICO offers a wide range of reports for managing clients’ documents and accounts.

For more information, please contact:

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