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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a shuttle that transports passengers from the WICO Dock to the Havensight Mall?

    Yes. This is a free shuttle that operates from the dock to the mall daily when ships are in port on rotation.

  • Is this a U.S. Port?

    Yes. This is a United States port.

  • Will Customs stamp my U.S. passport?

    No. Customs will only stamp foreign/international passports not U.S. passports.

  • Where is the closet beach located?

    Morning Star Beach at the Marriott Frenchman’s Reef Hotel

  • How far away is Downtown Charlotte Amalie?

    Approximately 2 miles

  • Can you walk to Downtown?

    Yes. There are sidewalks the entire route.

  • What is the difference between shopping at the Havensight Shopping Mall and shopping at Downtown shopping area?

    The difference is at Havensight we have approximately 65 stores and in Downtown, there are over 365 stores.

  • Is it possible to tour a ship when it is in port?

    Yes this is possible, but arrangements must be made with the cruise lines directly a minimum of two weeks in advance and not here on island.

  • Can a TWIC card gain me access to the secured areas?

    A TWIC card can be used for identification purposes but you must have the appropriate ship card or WICO access I.D. for entrance.

  • Why do we have those specific flags flown?

    Those specific flags represent the country that the ships are registered to and the different countries that the crew represent.